Punjab to soon implement Fifth pay commission soon

The Fifth Pay Commission report will be implemented soon. Read the news item from Zee News

Punjab to soon implement Fifth pay commission soon
Patiala, Jan 18: Punjab finance minister Manpreet Singh Badal on Sunday said the state would soon implement report of Fifth pay commission.
“The government is expecting commission’s report in next 20 days and we will implement immediately whenever we get the report,” Badal said in Patiala today.
Fifth Pay Commission was constituted in December 2006 by previous Congress Government headed by Capt. Amarinder Singh and its terms of reference had been issued by the Governor in March 2008.
The four member Pay Commission is headed by retired IAS office S K Tuteja. The commission will decide the date of effect thereof that should govern the structure of pay, allowances and other facilities/benefits, whether in cash or in kind, to all categories of employees of Punjab Government. However the employees whose scales of pay have been determined on the recommendations of the University Grants Commission will not be considered by the Commission.
Manpreet Badal has claimed that Punjab Government has been giving money to Punjab State electricity Board in installments for supplementing the expense of board on free power to agricultural and for other categories.
When he was asked to comment on regarding downsizing the security cover to VVIPs in Punjab, he said it was the need of hour and we should cut the expenses from top level for the cash strapped state.

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  1. Sat Sri Akal ji,
    Good News for us that the state would soon implement the report of Fifth pay commission.
    But with the implementation of the report of Fifth pay commission there is a need to covey a strict message for the govt.employees to work honestly for the welfare of PUNJAB.

  2. Dear Amanpreet
    I can assure you full support on the issue of honesty. I have issued stern directions that in my department, no malpractices will be tolerated. As you say,”the strict message” has already been issued.

    Would you please tell us what methods are likely to implemented by you as Finance Minister to come out financial mess our state is reeling. It would be greatness if you please email your views at bhupdhillon222yahoo.com
    waiting for your prompt reply,
    A citizen of Lambi Constituancy,

    Would you please tell us what methods are likely to implemented by you as Finance Minister to come out financial mess our state is reeling. It would be greatness if you please email your views at bhupdhillon22@yahoo.com
    waiting for your prompt reply,
    A citizen of Lambi Constituancy,

  5. Dear Manpreet Singh Badal Ji

    It was heartening to read sometime back a news report titled “This Man feels secure. why do others see red.” Since then we were expecting comments from the public in Letters to the Editors (to The Tribune)appreciating your life style and concern for the tax paid by the hard-working public.Today’s news report by Megha Mann has made us put our heads together and think about you as a statesman.It would be kind of you if you include us in your list of fans.We searched out your Blog to convey our feelings to you.
    Wishing you all the best for setting an example in the highly corrupt political and social scenario.
    TS Sangha
    Sukhdev Singh Ghuman
    Rajnish Patyal from SBDSM Khalsa College Domeli(Kapurthala)

  6. respected manpreet badal ji

    when we will get implementation of fifth pay comission in punjab.
    i will be very happy if you reply me email id is:amber_behl2000@yahoo.com your reply will be a big thing for me

  7. Respected Sir

    We all are rapidly waiting for the 5th pay commission of Punjab before the 31.3.09. We also heavily hope that this rule would be implement on all the govt.deptt, Boards, Corporation etc. before 31.3.09.This will enable to satisfy all types of employees to finish their duties on time with honesty.

  8. Respected Sir,

    just one question..When will the 5th pay commision reports be implemented????
    we all are waiting for it for a long time. will it be implemented in april this year?????

  9. Great work,
    I hope every one in Punjab politics takes a cue from this.

  10. Respected Sir,
    From the day one I belong to congress party. But I am your biggest fan. Because you are one of the best educated and honest person Akali DAL ever had in the party. Please keep it up good work. I know it is really hard to stay honest in politics. But that what will help you in future to grow. I wish one day you become chief minister candidate from Punjab and I will be the first one to switch my party from congress to Akali dal. I know one vote does not make difference. But that what I feel. I don’t have many words but I slate you for your honesty and simplicity

  11. sat shri akal ji,
    i am jashandeep singh nephew of Balwant singh brar from sukhna ablu.i want to know that the recommendations of fifth pay commision will be impelmented by private bodies also?I am working as a lecturer in a private institue.There must be some strict actions so that the private bodies also implement the recommendations.
    Jashandeep S. Aulakh

  12. r/sir,
    your simplicity & holistic approach is highly appericiable.i have been reading about you in various media from time to time and i am sure a day will come when india will have a govt.of the people & by the people like you,no matter,which party they belong to.i had only known you as an MLA of Giddarbaha but sorry to have missed on you for so long.My both the sons stuyding in Sanawar,love you.They know the difference between you & other politicians.your RO project is a boon for the people of our area.this action of yours” deserves a standing ovation in the parliament of our country.The day is not far when the reins of the state will have to be given to you due to enhanced level of awareness of our voters.We as a family, love you & respect you.God bless you.
    Raj kr.singla

  13. Respected Sir,
    Its good to see u r blog here on net .I read about in Tribune today .It will definitely bring u more close n make u more sensitive to the needs n aspirations of common man especially youth who use internet. i wanted to write more but sir i know u r time is very precious so i will like to ask u same question .
    what is deadline which u have put up for the implementation of the report as it will greatly benefit the salaried middle class.
    thanking u
    yours sincerely,
    Raman Bhagat

  14. Before I write something I will just second every word of what my predecessor bloggger has written just above.

    Thanks you, Preetinder Singh, you have given voice to the thinking of many educated people of Punjab on Manpreet Singh Badal.

    May his tribe flourish so that the mostly silent real intellectuals of Punjab too can dare to write something for the benefit of all people of Punjab.

  15. Respected sir,

    just one question that whole punjab is asking u sir….when will 5th pay commision report be implemented???????????????????????????????????

  16. sat sri akal sir,
    though i’m not into politics or anything, i am distantly related to the badal family. i overheard someone in my family talking about the unusual ways with which you deal with politics and i must say that i for one was surprised to realize that there are people around who still genuinely care about the state.
    with this new found confidence in punjab politics i am positive that a transparent govt. might someday be a reality.
    as far as the young generation is concerned you are a ray of hope, perhaps we can show that USA is not the only place where the ‘obama’ miracle can take place.
    good luck.. we have our hopes pinned up on you .. please don’t let us down.

  17. Dear Manpreet

    I am delighted to know that you have started a blog to get feed back from the public.

    First of all let me introduce myself. I am a law graduate working as a Solicitor in UK, and going to start ‘MSc in Contemporary India’ from University of Oxford in October 2009. My career plan is to work for public sector where I can effectively use my previous experience and academic knowledge gained through this course to bolster India’s international relations with different countries, and to promote trade. India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world even during the period of financial turmoil, and I wish to work with the State Government of Punjab to introduce Punjab Chamber of Commerce (PCC) on a voluntary basis during my MSc with University of Oxford as a Project.

    By introducing this new project all type of local business will get the benefit from the workshops and seminars and also get the updated information from brochure and websites about any subsidies to the specific business from the central or state government. I believe that by giving my services to Punjab government, I may contribute towards improving and strengthening its trade and investment policies.

    Hierarchy of Chamber of Commerce:

    1. State Level Chamber of Commerce
    2. District Chamber of Commerce in each district.

    Aim of the chamber of Commerce:

    Chamber of Commerce will educate all our business houses (small, medium and Large) and government through workshops, seminars, and conferences on the following subjects:

    1. How to Import
    2. How to Export
    3. Letter of Credit and role of bank in the international Trade
    4. How to handle Outsource work in India
    5. Taxation [Direct and Indirect]
    6. How to set up a Company
    7. How to export professional services.
    8. Standard Contract Clauses for international ventures
    9. How to setup SEZ or 100 export Units etc in India

    Currently, I am actively involved in developing and strengthening relations between UK and Indian lawyers. Having experience as an Indian advocate and presently working with the India team of Murria Solicitors as an associate solicitor in UK, I closely analysed the recent trends, developments and changes in Indian politics, government policies and Indian economy to advise our clients on Investing in Indian market and setting up businesses in India. I am also actively involved with the Law Society of England and Wales, Birmingham Law Society (BLS) and UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) as a co-opted member of the International Committee of Birmingham Law Society to develop a dialogue with the Bar Council of India and Ministry of Law and Justice, India, on liberalisation of Indian legal services. In the wake of developing close relations between India and UK in the legal sector, I have closely worked with the Head of International Division of the Law Society of England and Wales to introduce Qualified Lawyers Transfer Test (QLTT) in India to enable Indian lawyers to practice on English law in India.

    At international level, my close association and participation with different trade delegations to India organised by UK Trade and Investment and Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry has made me aware about the role played by different factors including politics, economy, culture and society in the development of India. It stimulated my interest to gain a deeper understanding of various issues and aspects of Indian economy that are closely knit together with each other. I strongly believe that this project would enable me to better present Punjab at national and international level and make my contribution towards its development.

    If you like this idea please let me know. I am ready to work under your supervision to setup this department and website which help Indian business to get minimum required information to start any new venture and compete with the international market.

    Look forward to hearing from you shortly.

    Yours sincerely,

    Amanpreet Singh Chhina

  18. Sat Sri Akal Mr.Badal,
    So, You know you are different from your clan.You may not like it but people luv you because you have the courage to share the facts of Punjab right in the presence of other Badals.
    Punjab is waiting for the day you become the CM of your state but from a party other than SAD ( may be Congress ).
    May God grant the wish of PUNJAB.

  19. H’able Finance Minister
    I am also a regular reader of your views on Punjab and Punjab Economy. We heard your valuable speeches in Opposition and always cherished that one day you become a torchbearer of Punjab’s economly. And Lo that day came when Finance portfolio was given to you by our respected the Great BADAL Sahib. Are you able to manevour the economy?

    We are waiting in despair. some body whose near relative is working in some Treasury told me that there is unwritten instructions that Bills relating to expenses or grants to SAD politcians are only promptly are cleared and rest everyone is left in limbo.

    History may weep on itself if Punjab could not come out of red during your time. It is no use blamming Centre for our ills.

    There was no electricity for months in the day time
    there is no pay commision report? I am sure PUBLIC SAB JANDI HAI. Why feed them with not to be fulfilled promises much less by a person like you who many times made announcement but no results.

    We pray to ALMIGHTY for giving you courage and strength to help the people of Punjab so that they need to go to Australia and work like Bhaias

    with Regards

    Sukhwant Singh

  20. Revision of pay of teachers and equivalent cadres in universities and colleges on the recommendations of the U.G.C. Pay Commission
    On the subject cited above I would like to bring to your notice, the following points:-
    (1)We learn from extremely reliable sources that Govt. of India is keen to release 40 per cent of the arrears before 31st March. This has come from the teachers who have talked to Sh. Sunil Kumar, Joint Secretary, MHRD, GOI in charge of the pay scale issue.
    (2) Representatives of our All India body had visited the office of Election Commission of India regarding UGC pay scales and applicability of model code of conduct. They have come back with the impression that the model code of conduct does not apply in this case.

    The silence of the state Govt. on the matter is creating some confusion and anxiety. I request your goodself to look into the matter so that 40 percent arrears of the 80 percent contribution of the central government is got released before 31 march 2009.

    With regards,

    Dr. S. S. Dhillon
    Punjab Fed. of Uni & College Teachers Org. (PFUCTO)
    Punjab School of Economics
    Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar

  21. Sat Sri Akaal Finance Minister,
    I am a farmer from a village in Jalnadhar district. Our land comes unedr Pathankot- Ajmer expressway plan. We are worried about how much will we be paid for our land to be acquired. I tried to contact everyone from PIDB to Reliance. But I could not get any information from anywhere. Could you please help me to find any source which can help us to find this information. Could you please contact me on sukhpalpattar@yahoo.co.in if you have any information? We are realy very much worried about this.

  22. Honourable Badal Sahib, the despaire expressed by the above friend is the general mood of people of Punjab. It is, however, not right to blame you for the failure of the present and the previous governments of Punjab. You have beeen candid enough to explain your position as well as your personal views on economy of punjab. The competitive electoral promises to garner votes have been the main cause of the mess. You have carved an image of an honest, straight forward and upright statesman. That image would be very difficult to keep in the present day political scenario. It will need all the political shrudeness to maintain that image while remaining in the mainstream political party. It will be a long haul for you. My prayers and best of luck.
    R.S. Bhinder, Punjab.

  23. Dear Manpreet Singh,
    I watched an interview of yours with a Canadian channel on YouTube and was really impressed by breadth of your intellect and depth of your modesty. When I was growing up in Punjab during eighties and nineties, I wish we had more leaders like you. Here, I wanted to share a few thoughts about the financial future of our beloved state.
    You mentioned in your interview that if we take care of education, health and infrastructure, the rest will follow; can’t agree more. Now the question is how to get there. I remember one of scholars here in the US once floated a theory that the multiplier effect (basis of prosperity) takes place in the communities, which inherently believe in dignity of labor (of course life) and celebrate creation of wealth. I’m not sure our culture reinforces these fundamental values but good education (mentorship programs etc.) system can take care of that. We still use barter a lot, we reinforce entitlements, we look down on the hardworking and the entrepreneurs on the name of caste, language and religion, we eulogize spineless bureaucrats, appease unproductive employee stock and encourage machiavellian demagogues.
    We have a long way to go, we need good leaders and only healthy society produces the good ones. It is a “hen and egg” story. I’m happy you popped out, somehow.
    Best wishes are with you. Hang in there; you are doing the right thing.
    Maninder P. Singh

  24. respected sir,

    this is to draw your attention to the problem faced by govt. employees recruited after 01.01.2004.
    (a) since tier II in our new pension scheme is not activated yet, so we are asked to purchase NSC for the arrear amout which for earlier recruited officers goes to GPF.
    we will be pleased if punjab govt gives the employees this money either in cash or allow it to invest in PPF as PPF have certain advantages over NSC and moreover it is easier to maintain.
    (c) there is problem faced by us in getting Permanent pension account numbers. and we have not received yet. the pension fund lying unutilised with our employer as no account has been opened. accounts are not opened as there is delay in issuance of employer code by punjab govt.(as told by our employer).

    i hope you will look into it.

    Mohit Mittal

  25. I’m a bit puzzled to find so many messages from employees asking for better pay. None of them has asked about setting up performance standards to measure their throughput and tying rewards to that. It is a weird kind of a culture of entitlement. We need new labor laws so that the employees of public and private sector are hired and fired at will, paid at a rate determined by free market and protected only against abuse. Probably, the best thing Mr. Manpreet Singh can do is dismantle the system as fast as possible. In the words of President Reagan, “Tear down this wall (read “system”), Mr. Gorbachev (read “Mr. Badal”).
    Maninder P. Singh

  26. Respected Finance Minister S. Manpreet Singh Badal Ji,

    I Know you are putting your best efforts to reive economy in Punjab but for the long run there is only one solution PRIVATIZATION.Few days ago when i read in the Tribune that you have not any driver and not getting any allownaces from the Govt.If other leaders ,Govt. employees and bureaucrats follow the example set by u then i think our PUNJAB is again leading state in India

    Manjit Sandhu

  27. Dear Mr. Manpreet Badal ji
    Your tribute to Captain Kanwaljit Singh ji,was touching.This tribute was a fine peace of poetry in prose.Captain Kanwaljit Singh was a statesman among Akalis.He has left a void which we expect you to fill.You have the stature and inclinatin to take genuine Akali political thinking to still greater heights.

    Prof. TS Sangha
    Prof. Sukhdev Singh
    Prof. Rajnish Singh

  28. Dear Sir
    I know u as humble and perfect gentleman.The people like you one of the rarest breads of politicians and most of them have been selfish to hold power can do any thing.I would like to ask one question Is Punjab goin to implement the 6TH Pay commisions .If so then we need to set up the standards to weed out the corruption in the state.How we are goin to do that.

  29. Dear Manpreet ji,
    I just came back to Canada after visiting India, I visited few places in Punjab and was very impressed by all development taking place in Punjab. Villages in Doaba have been transformed by NRI’s built Houses (kothi’s) Our kis’s love to go back now, But problem is Open Ponds (Chappars) breeding mosquitoes and open Nali’s and local road conditions are appaling in Doaba area.
    Is your Govt ignoring Doaba area for Infrastructure?
    Why Only 2 bridges have been built on Sutlej river since 1947 (One near phillaur other near Machiwara)
    I think infrastructure is a state responsibility.
    I think Badal Govt being pro Farmers will win next election, it also will win because of Ministers like yourself who want to reach out to people and like to serve people rather then rule them.
    Keep up the good work.
    Dr Gurpal Sandhu

  30. Dear Manpreet Sir,

    We, the people when discuss our country, our state agendas, development, definately we look at you as a true, sincere, visionary, frank & country devoted soldier in Indian politics. Such leaders are very rare to trace.

    Coming to the issue, may we request you to provide transparency of Toll Tax being collceted at variour points. A screen / board can be display showing the Expenses incurred on the project Vs. Target of collection & till date collection made. Its very easy. Sir, You know, the data of all the computers making receipts can be dispalyed at the screen.

    It ia a confidence building measure among masses. Isn’t it!! People have the right to know how much they have paid, & how much still pay.

  31. Dear Mr. Manpreet,
    I guess everyone of us would love to hear your views on the 6th PPC report. A number of things hinge on the implementation of this report at the earliest.

  32. I can believe you,as you are the only politician of punjab for whom I have respect. But the article of your’s published in response to that of H.K.Dua’s was not a great one.Not nice enogh to answer him because his points were really thoughtful as always.

  33. dear sir,
    i m ur big fan , i m working as computer faculty,i m hardworking person.but i m sad. beacause we r not getting pay increased to 10,000 per month .and why pay commision report is not implemented on us.

  34. You Say

    I can assure you full support on the issue of honesty. I have issued stern directions that in my department, no malpractices will be tolerated. As you say,”the strict message” has already been issued.

    Your Chief Minister say that i will give job on compassionater grounds to all candidates.

    But your Finance department is something special. He gives jobs to those persons whom they like. But if they do not like the person they denied job to them.

    They do not like me and denied job me on compassionate grounds, because there view is that I am very “Rich Man”.

    Amandeep Singh S/o Sh. Hakam Singh
    File no. 272-273
    Model colony, dosanj road moga.

  35. Dear Finance Minister,

    I have a suggestion to improve the efficiency of tehsildar office. At the time of registry, a lambardar is required to stand as witness, which is totally absurd. Since educated persons can identify themselves with many documents , there is no point in burdening the people with Rs 300 to procure lambardar as witness. It shall be a great step forward in land records reforms. Thanks, Raj Kumar Goel CA, Moga

  36. Dear Mr Finance Minister,
    It was a great experience to hear you in welkin palace, Moga, on 7th delivering your speech in right earnest and ending it with ” JAI HIND”. Since you mentioned about corruption eradication in your speach, i feel encouraged to write you, that corruption in those department where complicity of people to evade reveune due to govt , is not involved, beginnin an be made. e.g issuance of driving, arms licences, Jamabandi, map passing by EO, death and birth certificates etc. Moreover, in your finance deptt, stamp papers can be vended thru post offices to avoid fleecing of people. may be it is an intrusion into your domain, but better governance can be to restore the dignity of a common man while dealing with govt officials.

    Raj Kumar Goel, FCA, Moga

  37. dear,
    first of all congrats to you for ensuring victory to you SAD candidate from farid kot due to your efforts.
    I will like to draw your attenttion that we should survey the DTO offices all over punjab from where people having vehicles costing more than 5.0 lacs have been registered based on this data we should impose a lump sump amount that can be used for poor people.new vehicles should be registered at dealers place it self saving common man from harassment at DTO OFFICE

  38. You have raised quite a few number of points.
    The question of liquor – I do not think we should grant licenses at nominal fees for liquor drinking. If it is being illegally served, due action must be taken. We must not regularize it for the sake of earning small revenue for the state, specially on the issue of liquor.
    I agree on the issue of advertising and hoardings. But I will blog about that later in a separate post.
    The issue of serving poor only and building airport and highways has to go on simultaneously. It is not an issue of votes, but of overall development.
    I will discuss the issue of self affidavit in legal circles.
    The Thermal plant project has to commence operations at the earliest and it will.

  39. Respected Sir,

    This is regarding the fifth pay commission notification. I can understand your compulsions…. but I must say that the Akali Govt. has done it again in which it is very good at … creating mess. Can anyone tell me what is the use of this notification. It has given just the GRADES and nothing else …. what are we going to do with it…. There was a lot of time after the report was submitted to the government and there was enough time to take decision about the allowances etc. etc. but the government didn’t do anything abt that. Whom shall we blame for this …. the politicians or the IAS Lobby.
    Sir u cud have easily won the hearts of Lakhs of people by giving the complete notification with all the allowances, now the employees are more against Akalis than before…. I dont think Akalis will find favour with employees at all.
    This is not the first time Akalis have messed up simple things….here i will give just two small examples…. the first one is about the announcement of DEARNESS ALLOWANCE that was announced in January 2009 where as it was to be announced on DIWALI of 2008. Everyone knew that DA will be given in cash from Jan 09 because of financial constraints… the only thing employees were waiting was the orders… which cud have easily been made on Diwali…whatever u announced abt DA in Jan 09 the same cud have been announced on Diwali also ….but u didnt did that ….
    The second example is of Pay Commission Report. The report was deliberately delayed, this delay did more harm than any good ….Akalis got only 4 seats in elections and now the same thing is being done with the notification also …. PLEASE BE CAREFUL in taking the decisions … Politicians have always been very liberal when any kind of policy decision is to be taken in favour of IAS Lobby and very conservative when it has to take decisions for Class 2,3,4 employees …. Sir Please remember one thing THESE IAS OFFICERS NEVER GO OUT AND VOTE IN ELECTIONS… plz keep this in fact mind when u decide to finalise the allowances to be given in the part 2 of the pay commission notification.


    M S Randhawa

  40. All we have to do , is to improve productivity. Main problem in India and Punjab is wages of Govt employees. It is not that wages are high, but these employees do not perform. Average employee works @ rate of 25 % to 50 % level. Further the benefits like cars , orderely etc add further. Look in west you will not see cars to MLA’s and MP’s.


  41. dear sir,
    as recommended by pay commission punjab govt has issued notification regarding the fitment tables….
    dat is going to increase the burden on excheqer to alarming levels….other benefits were increasing retirement age to 60…dat should be increased immediately because it is going to save more than 1500 crores…and there will be almost nill effect on the unemployed youth as already there are thousands of vacant posts…so govt should increase the retirement age to 60 so that punjab could save money and spent it on development of state,,,,in such situation of economic crises decisions should be taken to save money by proper management…so plz work faster and increase retirement age to 60

  42. Sir,
    Congratulations and thanks for inviting suggessions.
    (Primary ) Education, Drug Menace,Population explosion, Female foeticide, social injustice, dowry deaths are some of the problems. But does the FIRST one lead to all the rest ?

  43. Sir, as we all know we in Punjab are going through very difficult time in case of electricity and as requested by Govt. and PSEB people are advised to stop using AC. I have one question in regards to that as there was cabinet meeting yesterday i want to know if AC in that room was ON or NOT. If it was ON then don’t you think as Leader you all should lead by example.

  44. Respected sir,
    Please increase the retirement age of government employees from 58 to 60 as recommended by finance
    commission in order to fulfill your election manifesto as well as to get Punjab out of financial crisis.

  45. dear sir,
    as already punjab fiscal health is reeling under severe financial crisis,govt should immediately increase the retirement age in order to save 1000 crore in the current year.there is going to be almost nill effect on youth as many vacant posts are there.so increase the retirement age and there is debate required now for its implementation.i myself is not govt employee but still feel that it is the right decision to increase the retirement age.why sad govt always dithers on implementing anything in their ruling govt and increasing retirement age was ur promise in manifesto as well..so plz think of punjab and its fiscal health.so reduce the liability of pay commission by increasing the age limit to 60
    thank you

  46. sir,
    it is a request to you to increase the retirement age of punjab employees as it was a promise and we need it as well for punjab, if not done then there is no need of any manifestos ,any promises and any government.
    thank you

  47. sir,
    it is a request to you to increase the retirement age of punjab employees as it was a promise and we need it as well for punjab, if not done then there is no need of any manifestos ,any promises and any government.
    thank you

  48. sir,
    please increase the retirement age as it will do good to the employees and also for ur manifesto as issued years ago and still not completely fulfilled .iam sorry but u guys have a competely indifferent attitude and also once u come in power then u forget about the promises forcing us to forget about the government.
    thank u

  49. dear sir,
    punjab is facing huge financial crisis with a deficit of more than 4000 crores….whatever development is happening in punjab is just because of central schemes..when we all know that increasing retirement age saves 2000 crores,why is the govt not increasing it.even civilian people like me also want govt to increase it because money saved will be used for development purposes…retirement age can be increased to 60 from august 1 2009…it is common sense that a competent person though retired sits idle at his home and enjoys 50% of his pay without any contribution to the state.it is wastage of his/her talent acquired in more than 3-4 decades with life expectancy reaching levels of 75.so 17 years of complete wastage out of which 5-7 years can always and easily be utilised in positive sense….

  50. respected sir,

    over the years i and many others have observed that if govt spends rupees x on infrastructure development(roads,highways,toll etc.).then after a gap of 2-4 years govt gets back 2-2.5x rupees via toll collection,stamp duty,revenue,corporation taxes etc.in addition to the development of the area.so why not save these huge pensionary benefits and invest them in infrastructure..thus saving the state exchequre extra fifth pay commssion load….so please take wise decisions and increase the retirement age…

  51. hello minister
    your simplicity & holistic approach is highly appericiable.i have been reading about you in various media from time to time. i am in usa, so u know here local media , but i heard ur speech on budget, minister if their is no taxes how u feed people and if people dont pay taxes how they expect from goverment so what u did is fine( anyways for votes or political pressure) but be educate people for next year taxes so they r prepared ahead and try to invovle social oranizations unions, ur rival parties in budget so what ur minister promises before election to make punjab a california (lol) so u guys fulfill ur dreams


    Respectable Minister,
    your public image and individual efforts for the development of state has encouraged me to convey our problem to you.
    Respectable sir,we, the new recruitees in our department , are facing problem of unequal pay for the same cadre since 2001 . our seniours of same cadre are getting higher scale than us which is against the social rules and law as per eqaul remunration act. we have tried our best to convey it to pay commission but there are no comments of accepting or rejection of our demand in the pay commission report. So please give us a few minutes of yours precious time so that we can tell it to you in detail to get better livelyhood by your personal efforts for which we are eligible .
    I also doesn’t know how to convey this to anomaly committe established for implimentation of pay commission report.
    please guide me as a big brother to solve my/our problem OR mail me the solution. If you solve the problem it will be benificial for 200 apprx. families.

  53. Respected Manpreet singh Badal ji,
    I am working in the govt. aided school from last 9 yrs. In govt.aided schools there is no regularity of salary moreover we are not sure about the pay commission will be implemented to these schools or not . From last 6 yrs there is no single recruitment in these school as govt. has banned on the recruitment.It clearly reflects the vision of govt., Not going into much detail i want to give some suggestion so that the employees of these schools can work without any tension in their mind
    1) Consider all the employees of these schools at par with the govt. schools employees.
    2)Give option to the aided school teachers to join the govt. schools and let the management of these schools run these institutions at their own( that is end of govt. aided schools and 95% grant in aid scheme.)there will be no burden of finanace in this option as govt giving 95% part of salary.
    3) Last option is to make straightforward declaration that govt. not going to help these schools in future and the employees should think about their future at their own and they should not expect any thing from the govt. so that we should not live in state of dilemma.
    Hoping you will go through it , will take an appropriate decision.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Arvind Nagpal

  54. Dear Manpreet ji
    Having read about the large deficit being planned for the State Budget I would bring to your attention possibile options for raising State revenue :
    1.ities remind you of

  55. Dear Manpreet ji
    Having read about the large deficit being planned for the State Budget I would bring to your attention possibile options for raising State revenue :
    1.ities remind you of

  56. Dear Manpreet ji
    Having read about the large deficit being planned for the State Budget I would bring to your attention possibile options for raising State revenue :
    1. Tax on sale of foodgrains to Centre;
    2. Substantive additional Taxes on alcohol and tobacco products sold in Punjab
    3. Imposition of substantive Land Development taxes on real estate development in Punjab
    4. Making the Grant of planning permission for developments conditional upon developers first putting in place appropriate public infrastructure facilities prior to any sales / leasing of units / plots in residential and commercial developments.
    I hope that you will be able to give consideration to these ideas.
    Kind regards.

    Respectable finance Minister Sh.Manpret Badal ji,
    With Due Respect i want tell you on the issue of shortage of staff that in the case of audit every govt. dept. has its own audit dept. and in this way managerial posts,and ‘D’ Grade posts for each dept. Separate funds for meeting routine and day to day expenses.But in spite of these burdens results are not at the best due to the shortage of staff of audit in each dept.
    Sir, it is a suggession of the little brother if you goes in detail then you will see that AUDIT DEPARTMENT ON THE PATTERN OF AG will be very much beneficial to the govt. and will also increase the morale of employees.

  58. Respeced sir
    When will you issue notification about the allowances of govt employees. R/Sir you commited in assembly the same should be issue within a month.waiting for your decision.

  59. Respected Sir,
    It is something great that your goodself is accessible on your blog.
    The fact that you are against subsides ( as vote catching tools ) is commendable , but it is sorry state of affairs that you are not getting necessary support from the colleages , still you have enough power and right to push your agenda. subsides and atta dal schemes are making people idle. There are lot of problems in identifying families who are true claiments of these schemes and there are lots of non-deserving families getting these benefits. so govt has to rethink on these issues , free water, electricity to all farmers irrespective of their holdings is also not a good step. only deserving farmers with limited holdings should get such benefits.
    It is good that govt. has not as yet raised retirement age of the employees, the point raised by some unions that it will save govt. funds for two years is highly myopic view of the situation. It will increase the burden on the govt. keeping in view the new pay scales. Keeping the retirement age at 58 will open some avenues for the un-employed youth , more and more youth should be get some sort of employment , may be on contract basis so that they are gainfully engaged in some activity and remain away from drug addiction.
    I am sure my views will draw your attention when you are taking vitals decisions in governing the state,
    ….. Dr.M. R. Virdi
    (Senior Medical Officer serving in a Govt. hospital)

  60. Hi Sir

    Since Feb 2009 we have been hearing about increase in retirement age for punjab government employees.ALong with giving benefit to employees this will help government in reducing the huge burden of paying hefty allowances to retiring people this year.I just want to know when can we expect the reply on this…GUess this is pending from long.We trust our governments..Hope you wont let our trust down this time also.

    Waiting to hear some positive reply soon.Whatever is the decision,I guess people should be told about that rather than making them hung like this.


  61. Respected Manpreet Singh Ji,
    you are one among the few politicians whom i think have the vision and determination to do something substancial for the long term benefit of the state. Its good that you are accessable on blog. Sorry to say that, but the budget presented by you is not upto the level of expectations from you. The most important thing missing in the budget is MANPREET SINGH BADAL itself. In these type of difficult times conctrete steps needs to be taken to reduce the fiscal deficit of the state. Health and education are the two important duties of the state but punjab is lagging behind other states in health and education. Some suggestions
    1.Under debt waiver scheme of centre govt. very neglegible benefit is given to punjab as compared to its share in the central pool. Now a task force has been made to take a look on loans given to farmers by moneylanders and may prepare a debt relief plan but this task force is made only for Maharashtra. Your must put your efforts to include PUNJAB in this task force.
    2.Increase taxes on foodgrains procured by central govt. agencies.
    3.Direct payment to farmers through cheques
    4.Passbook type facility provided to farmers by arthiyas,only that amount recoverable from farmer which is advanced to him by arthiya through bank/cheque.
    5.Increase taxes on liquer and tobacoo items
    6.Increase taxes on real estate projects.
    7.Some percentage of jobs reserved for permanent residents of the state in new projects coming up in the state.
    8. Concrete steps to be taken to encourage the farmers of the state to diversify from wheat paddy cycle.
    Ramandeep Singh

  62. On behalf of
    Punjab Govt Pensioners’ Association
    (State Body)
    (Registration under the societies & Firm Registration Act 1860)
    (Registered 99/93 Dt. 2-4-1993)
    General Secretary
    S. Hardev Singh PES – I (Retd.)
    1121 Inder Singh Gill Nagar, Moga-142001
    Ph. 01636-231824
    M.No. 9876553324
    S. Manpreet Singh Badal
    Finance Minister, Pb. Govt., Chandigarh.

    Subject: Some points/ suggestions in brief to be taken notice of while implementating the recommendations of 5th Pb. Pay Commission.
    In behalf of Pb. Govt. Pensioners’ Association (Regd.) which has its effective units in 15 Districts of Punjab.
    I submit herewith some points to be taken notice of while accepting the recommendations of 5th Pb. Pay Commission.
    1. Effective of Pensionary Benefits (7.26):
    Revision of pensions and all other allied allowances be made effective w.e.f. 1-1-06 and not from the date of notification by the Pb. Govt. and Arrears etc be paid in one installment to the pensioners.
    2. Full Parity in Pensionary Benefit:
    Full parity in pension revision and other benefits for the pre & post 1996, pre & post 1-1-06 as already done in the cases of pre & post 1-1-86 pensioners be fully brought out, by revising their past grade pays rightly according to the formulae already adopted in the cases of the employees to fix their notional pay till 1-1-06.
    3. Pension Revision from 1-1-2006 (7.7):
    Exact 50% of such notional pay be the basic pension of the pensioners on 1-1-06 for the qualifying service of 20 yrs doing away with 33 yrs one which was already enforced in their cases also. It should be enhanced accordingly if the employees rendering more than 20 yrs service are made entitled for any more increase in pension.
    50% of the Basic Pension which is Dearness Pension be considered as Basic Pension to grant Dearness Relief on it too. So it shall be 86% not 74%, with 40% given benefit, D. Relief comes upto 86% + 40% = 126% as approved by the central govt. Benefit of 40% is also justified to be given merging Basic Pension and Dearness Pension like D.R. so 60% be added in stead of 40%. Hence it comes to D.P. 50% +DR = 36% +Benefit 60% totaling 146% in place of 126%. So revised pension on 1-1-06 be basic pension X 2.46 in place of Basic Pension X 1.26. This will ensure at least 27% increase to all.
    4. Qualifying Service (7.7):
    It should be 20 yrs instead of 33 yrs in the cases of pre 1-1-06 pensioners too while revising their pensions according to their notional pays so arrived at.
    5. Minimum Pension:
    Minimum pension must not be less than 50% of the initial the post revised on 1-1-06 corresponding to that pay band and grade pay i.e. (example) Serial No. 22 Group A in the highlights of the Para of the scheme of revised pay bands and grade pay: basic pay on 1-1-06 be considered as 25250/- indicated there in and not (15600 + Rs. 6600)
    6. Pay grade increase vide letter no. DD No. PA/MSF. PRC/09/210 dated 21.04.2009
    Grade pay of the principals should also be raised from Rs. 6600 to Rs. 7600.
    7. Commutation of Pension (7.12):
    Restoration of commuted portion of pensioners be after 12 yrs as was for pre 1996 pensioners otherwise amount equal to three yrs deductions (15-12) be paid more than as it is at present.
    8. Gratuity:
    Gratuity be allowed at ½ of the emoluments for each completed 6 monthly period of service rendered
    9. Medical Reimbursement(7.24):
    Medical reimbursement powers be decentralized authorizing the Distt Heads to sanction at last Rs. 50000/- instead of Rs. 20000/- + full power to sanction of the full amount of the bill with the departmental heads.
    10. Travel Concession (7.13)
    Travel concession be paid every year equal to one month full pensionary benefits (emoluments), allowances including dearness relief etc. attached therein. It must be paid to the family pensioners also.
    11. Old Age Allowance (7.8, 6.8):
    Old age allowance be considered as pension for all intents and purposes i.e. D.R. + other benefits be allowed on this allowance as already being done. It should also be considered as pension for intents and purposes and the family pensioners be also kept being paid.
    12. House Maintenance Allowance:
    Every pensioner/ family pensioner to be given house maintenance allowance equal to full months pensionary emoluments every year.
    13. Transport Concession:
    50% concession in fare to travel in buses allowed to pensioners/ family pensioners as is being given by the railway.
    14. Uniformity in pensionary benefits:
    All pensioners/ family pensioners irrespective of the date of their retirement be treated alike in every respect while granting all pensionary benefits. Thus the pensionary scheme adopted for the new appointees on or after 1.4.2004 be withdrawn to bring about uniformity in every case to all the pensioners.
    Opportunity may also be given to the Department of Pb. Govt. Pensioners Association for discussion and clarification of the points/ suggestions.

    Yours faithfully

    Hardev Singh PES (Retd.)
    General Secretary
    Copies submitted to all the members of the Implementation Committee 5th Pb. Pay Commission for information and necessary action please.

  63. Respected Finance Minister,
    No doubt you have proved that one can come clean and be simple while holding such a prestigious portfolio even in this highly corrupt political scerario.Sir, I want to draw your kind attention towards the problem beiig faced by general public of sorrounding areas of Batala (Dt Gurdaspur), which were included in the municipal limit abt 4-5 years back. These are the most neglected areas as neither panchayats nor municipal commitee take care of these.Repair of roads,sewerages, street lights, cleanliness, to name a few, are the dire needs of the people.I am sure this is the position of many towns of punjab.Some funds should be allocated exclusively for the development of these areas. it is need of the hour.
    Yours faithfully,
    Manjit Singh Gill



  66. sir
    pay comission recommendation still havnt been implemented. you may have recieved it but implementation process is too slow even as per bihar standards.Mr sukhbir badal announced that it will be accepted in toto.but result you also know.Doesnt it led credence to allegations of amaninder singh that your goverment released report to just win votes at times of general elections.
    people/voters are clever in this age of worldpress and twitter. dont you think so?

  67. sir
    pay comission recommendation still havnt been implemented. you may have recieved it but implementation process is too slow even as per bihar standards.Mr sukhbir badal announced that it will be accepted in toto.but result you also know.Doesnt it led credence to allegations of amaninder singh that your goverment released report to just win votes at times of general elections.
    people/voters are clever in this age of worldpress and twitter. dont you think so
    i am a delhi journalist & dont you think that it will be a big story.

  68. sir it will be a good service to blogging community if you just reply at the comments & may be act.
    i have written this as i was impressed by your statements at the current financial situation of punjab & what stand you took on hike in allowances to MLA’s

  69. Dear Shri Manpreet,
    Wonder if anyone has checked the benefit of funds on loan in comparison to extension in retirement age by 2 years.

    1. Every year the DA and Annual Increment raise the salary by about 8-12 percent.
    2. Thus in two years the increase will be about 20 percent.
    3. Even the pension and superannuation benefits will increase by 20% plus.
    4. With this the salary bill, pension bill and benefits on superannuation all will increase permanently.

    Please see that the officers / officials recommending the raise of retirement age are not the ones who draw maximum benefits.
    Plus please bear in mind that Akali Dal is to govern the state in future as well.
    This decision of raising the age may in fact be a problem for all Governments to follow and all the PSUs as well.
    Moreover, it may be a major stumbling block in the Endeavour to modernize the state.
    So please do not create a problem for your self as an individual and party for which neither you nor the party may have any solution.

  70. respected finance minister ji,i appreciate that you have increased payscale of teaching fellows & service provider.we are contractural teachers only for three and half year.when will consider us regular teacher.hoping for favourable reply

  71. Hello sir

    I am student and doing my Masters from PEC Uiversity Chd. I am afraid of the rise in education expenses since today education even primary education expenses are day by day increasing. So kindly make some adjustment so that private institutes make sure not crosses their limits.

    Also I want to know that why taxes either they are road tax, permit or industry why they are more as compared to our neighbor states i.e himachal, haryana etc.

    In last i want to know about an issue which rises few months back of Doctors serving at Chandigarh at deputation basis and they refuse to go back to their home office where they were serving earlier. On which Mrs. Laxmi Kanta Chawla warned them to do so as some political pressure was stated by her behind this issue. So I request you to take some concrete steps so that in future no body try to ruin the rules and so that people not suffer.

  72. It is very strange that teacher working in govt. aided schools are not treated as teachers. In this materalistic world they are not given their rights .govt. are acting as agressive as cruel king babar


  74. Most respected; I am a govt. aided school teacher It is very strange back bone of society are with broken back bone. Please help them to get their salaries regular. you know economics and I am telling you their eco. condition vipan math master

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